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Chosunok Cold noodle

"At the end of your meal, we want you to be full and completely happy."

- Yoon (Executive Chef and co-owner)

Cho Sun Ok's mission since opening our doors in 2004 has been to differentiate ourselves from other Korean restaurants and is done by following the formula QRST: Quality, Reliability, Service and Taste. Quality ingredients are a must and something we at Cho Sun Ok have never disregarded which translates into quality meals. Every time you step foot into Cho Sun Ok you can hold us Reliable for everything you are served as we provide consistency. We realize that food isn't the only aspect of a good dining experience, which is why we push for unparallel Service from all our staff. In addition to our service, you can expect unique Taste and flavours in our home-style meals which you will be pressed to find anywhere else.

Cho Sun Ok started out in 2005 as a 24 seat restaurant and has expanded twice to an 80 seat restaurant which allows us to accommodate our growing customer base. We believe that this has been possible because we have not strayed from our original mission.

We want you to leave Cho Sun OK completely satisfied and we haven't done our job if you don't have the desire to return. We are always looking to improve and this would not be possible without your support. Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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